Master the Art of Crystal Healing with These Tips


Crystals are everywhere, we have ice crystals, metal, and stones that were engineered by nature for thousands of years. Crystals are semiconductors made up of silicon.  


Silicon Valley is located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area. It originally got its name from the large number of companies that produced silicon chips. Today it is a general name for the high-tech industry of Northern California. The beginning of Silicon Valley goes back to the early 20th century when the United States military and other companies started experimenting in the fields of radio, communications, and electronics. The area also grew because Stanford and other universities and colleges produced a number of students who were interested in technology.

One of the first companies that started in Silicon Valley was Hewlett Packard. It was founded by two graduates of Stanford University in 1939. Today HP is the world’s largest technology company and operates in almost all countries in the world.

Crystals made of silicon are formed through nucleation and during this growth they release energy. In electronics there is a need for a pure quartz crystal made of silicon. We have used these during the times of the Hi fi stereo where a crystal needle was needed to play the records and albums on legacy stereo systems. Today we have LED screens for our television sets, computer mother boards. If you take an amethyst, clear quartz crystal, and squeeze them through a pressurized device, you will generate energy.


It is believed that the human body is a representation of the universe, all the elements these solar systems are made of are contained within our human bodies. And the stones that are in the earth all that are within its oceans and rivers are made of love and provides healing and in some cases, these precious stones contain the wisdom of the collective consciousness, and we can learn to tap into its secrets.

Many cultures have been using crystals since ancient times from ancient Kamit or modern-day Egypt, and they are mentioned in the bible accounts many times throughout the bible. The ancients called them precious stones, they can be used for manifesting abundance, prosperity, and actualizing your goals. Many critics call the healing properties a placebo affect where the positive results are simply because the subject’s belief system. If that be true, then why scoff at the placebo since it provides relief?

Throughout the history of the planet, there have been beings from other worlds that came to assist humankind like the Buddha, Christ who was also known as Heru in ancient Kamit, and the God Ra who is reported to have communicated with a psychic medium Carla Rueckert, and interviewed by Don Elkins, and these conversations can be found in book form called, The Law of One. In this material, Ra states that the Pyramid stones are alive (which is why many tourists report feeling invigorated when they frequent these pyramids). During the sessions with Carla, Ra instructed them to place a clear quartz pyramid under the bed or under the chair of the individual going into meditation or trance …to amplify the experience and protect the instrument’s energy. Ra also mentions rubies and diamonds in that conversation. This revelation has given proof that there is such thing as ‘proof’ that crystals indeed assist with spiritual elevation.


Crystals have been used by the prophets and individuals mentioned within the bible and is mentioned numerous times. The Bible calls them precious stones. 1 Chronicles 29:2 speaks of ‘onyx and precious stones; Exodus 28:19 mentions ‘Jacinth, agate, amethyst;’ Revelation 21:11 highlights, ‘costly stones, crystals, clear jasper,’ Isaiah 54:12 speaks of, ‘rubies, crystals and precious stones; Ezekiel 28:13 speaks of, ‘ruby, topaz, diamonds, jasper, onyx, lapis lazuli, and emeralds;’ Revelation 21:20 lists a host of stones; ‘sardonyx, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, and amethyst.’ These were used in the temple, on altars, for special purposes of the prophets, and these were used for prophetic dreams and were given to the newborn messiah.


There are critics that claim there is no scientific proof that crystals work, and they claim that the public is being misled and heading on a dangerous path because if you can make people believe that they work you can make them believe other dangerous notions. Professor Chris French is the Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit in the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, conducted a study in which

In order to conduct this study, eighty people were gathered to participate. Without them knowing, some participants received a real quartz crystal, and the rest were given a fake one, and all were asked to meditate while holding the crystal they were given. Half of these participants were told to make note of any changes they may feel, including “tingling in the body or warmth in the hand holding the crystal.” In addition, they were given some background information on how these crystals are said to work. This process is called “priming” (Palermo). After the experiment was completed, the participants were asked a series of questions regarding how the crystals affected them during the meditation session. The study concluded that “there was no difference in the sensations reported by those holding the real quartz crystal and those given a fake” (Palermo). In addition, it was found that those who believed in crystal healing as well as those who were primed were almost twice as likely to note any abnormal sensations that the crystals caused as opposed to participants who were skeptics (Palermo). Only six out of 80 participants actually reported not feeling any abnormal sensations, and the rest reported sensations such as warmth in the hand holding the crystal, as well as an increased focus on the meditating process (Palermo).

French states that if this pseudo-science can make people believe that crystals have a healing affect upon them, then you can make them believe other dangerous notions pertaining to their health. This is an egregious claim and not giving people more trust in their ability to measure their own health and wellness. I have been using crystals for many years in addition to or in complement of medical care. Just because people are turning to alternative methods of healing does not mean that they are not intelligent enough to measure their pain levels. If in fact it is a placebo then it is a powerful one that does not require them to take a pill that has side effects, so in my opinion it is a solution where everyone benefits.

If crystal healing is a pseudoscience, then its’ been used long before the formation of western science and from the ancient of times the cultures that used them reported positive healing affects and doesn’t that seem to be all the proof we need?


Every element in the universe that makes up physical matter was formed with the stars, and throughout this universal space, these same materials came together to form crystals. Hard materials such as diamonds and rubies form from elevated temperatures in areas of volcanic activity. The constant movement helps many crystals to be formed from the sedimentary rock beneath the sea. It is reported that five billion years ago a star exploded in a supernova and our solar system was born. All the matter and debris from that storm formed many minerals, over the years the many subsequent explosions caused this matter to settle from the molten lava, and all this elevated temperature, pressure, and chemicals create the mineral elements of these precious crystals, and thus they were born. Many crystals are in the oceans, lakes, and rivers, and many are housed within the earth all with various chemical makeup and growth patterns. There are three main types: Igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and sedimentary rocks (from rivers and streams that over time are hardened into rocks).

Crystals are more powerful than we can imagine, crystals store, receive, and emit energy. The piezoelectric effect is when energy is emitted through the pressure of the stones and this mechanism is used with radio frequency waves and is an essential part of modern technology. Radio Stations used a clear quartz crystal as a stabilizer of the frequencies so that the radio waves between radio stations do not cause interference with each other. The clear crystal keeps the noise or interference clear and organized when these waves are being transmitted.

Neural science has discovered that when you think positively, you will create a higher frequency within yourself, and you will materialize your goals. Raphael Hul, an Electrical Engineer says, “With crystals, your positive thought and intentions can intensify and amplify your intention into reality.” We all know that what we think about brings about, which is why we need to think positively, and we can use the frequency of crystals to help us remain positive, so our thoughts form an energy that can be given a direction and purpose to what we call intention. Our ancient ancestors knew how to harness and control the power of these crystals and we would do well to learn more about them.

Although the healing power of crystals has not been proven by science, they are using the power of crystals in technology and medicines on the market today. We do not truly need the permission of science to benefit from the healing properties of the minerals that come from the earth. Ancients cultures from around the world have put them into use medicinally, for emotional regulation as well as for spiritual elevation. The ancient Kamitans and their use of crystals go back thousands of years, so in my opinion that garners enough proof for me to continue my use. The placebo effect does not explain that my malachite stone works about the same time as two tablets of Motrin or over-the-counter medicines, or the peace that I feel when my yellow calcite brings so much peace to me. I purchased a large stone and I had cleansed it, but I was sun-charging it and forgot about it. I was sitting in my chair and a wave of peace came over me and I was trying to figure out why I had such peace after a stressful day of work because it just did not add up. I started looking around my room because I have crystals everywhere and lo and behold, I looked inside my window and noticed the stone there. Yellow calcite is known as the ‘happiness stone’ and I got to feel the frequency that it emitted.


I am inspired by the works of Dolores Cannon, who was a female hypnotherapist in the sixties, this is significant because there have been many hypnotherapists that were leaders in the field that don’t have the recognition that Dolores does today, her books are still in print, and the work continues to inspire other hypnotherapists. She started out doing clinical hypnotherapy for habit control and then in the eighties she moved into exploring UFOs and ET investigations.  

I read her book The Custodians and its fascinating. Dolores began exploring the abduction cases of people who wanted to understand the reasons behind the ‘abductions’ and during the process she learned that humans experience an amnesia when they incarnate to earth, and she found that we made contractual agreements prior to the incarnation. Dolores paved the way to make the perspective on extraterrestrials because mainstream media has made it so scary, the religious belief systems of many as well as scientific dogma have painted a very bias within the perspectives of many, and has elicited much fear, dismissal, or complete denial of the fact that these beings do exist.  

There is a spa located in Sedona Arizona that is known for UFO sightings, extraterrestrial life, and it drives many tourists to visit and explore life and where the cosmos comes from, there’s a Sedona UFO tour guide, and crystal bath therapy beds treatments that claims that it aligns the meridians, and energy fields to create emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. They use Vogel crystals that are attuned to frequency of the body and the body’s energy centers (chakras). They work with the seven chakras and each of the colored lights radiate attuned energy down through each one of the seven crystals into the chakras.  

Then spiritual beings that work in and around Casa De Dom Inacio make their presence known through the colored lights and energy. The crystals function as a paladin which healing spirit entities can transmit their restorative powers. Each chakra is cleansed and energized as it is brought into balance with the rest of the body’s energy field.  

Sedona is the healing center of the world, and many people tour each year to have this experience. I have not gone to the spas of Sedona, but it seems to be an unforgettable experience. Will you make the trek to Arizona to have an extraterrestrial experience? I am a hypnotherapist and I have had sessions like Cannon’s that were quite surprising, many of my clients have found that they were in fact beings of planets from galaxies and star systems far away from our small earth, but they chose to incarnate to help the planet in some way. Dolores Cannon in her books, and especially The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, does say there would be a time when the ETs would live among us and make their presence known just prior to the new earth being formed. I may one day make the trek to have a crystal healing in Sedona, but I would like to know if you have had a crystal bath therapy in Sedona. Leave a comment and let me know if you have ever had this healing experience. 


Although the crystal industry is a multimillion-dollar industry, that does not discount the value of crystals, it does concern me that its being so commercialized, and our country has a habit of overconsumption. We know that overconsumption can strip the earth of valuable resources and I must question whether these precious stones are being ethically sourced.  

First Nation cultures have harnessed the power of crystals for tens of thousands of years, the Mayans, and Kemetic cultures (modern-day Egypt) buried their dead with crystals. They would put carnelian on their chest according to the book of the dead, this would aid them in their afterlife.  


Crystals provide a gentle noninvasive form of healing that activates your bodies inner healer, these bring your body back into balance through the stone’s vibration. Your body matches the frequency of the stone when it is placed upon the body.  


The Stone of Unconditional Love & Infinite Peace:
Pink Rose Quartz is made from titanium, manganese, and iron. Some experts now say that the pink comes from DD dumortierite


Rose quarts is known as the love stone and can be used to attract love, it promotes unconditional love within yourself, and it is the most important stone for the heart and heart chakra. This stone teaches: 

  • The true essence of love 

  • Purifies and opens the heart chakra on all levels 

  • Brings deep inner healing and self-love 

  • Is a calming and reassuring stone  

  • Good for trauma and crisis recovery 

  • Attracts romantic love 

  • Gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with   loving vibes 

  • Encourages self-forgiveness 

  • Strengthens empathy 

  • Amplifies positive affirmations when you hold it in your hand 


  • Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system 

  • Releases impurities from the body fluids  

  • Aids chest and lung problems when placed upon the thymus 

  • It heals* the kidneys and adrenals and alleviates vertigo 

  • Increases fertility 

  • The elixir soothes burns and blisters and smooths the complexion 


  • Place in the center of your home to bring in loving energy 

  • Can be used to balance the heart chakra 

  • Use rose quartz pyramids for manifestation and intention setting 

  • Place under your mattress or bed to improve your romantic relationships 

  • Use in crystal grids 

  • Make elixirs with the polished stones only 


  • Soak in water 

  • Run under water 

  • Bury in the sand or soil 

  • Charge under moonlight 


Black obsidian is known as the number one stone for protection. It is made from the properties of volcanic glass and tends to be mostly polished. When it breaks it has sharp edges that can be made into tools or weapons. First Nations make arrowheads, spears, and other tools with them. Can also be used to make scalpels and mirrors for scrying.  

  • Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system 

  • Releases impurities from the body fluids  

  • Aids chest and lung problems when placed upon the thymus 

  • It heals* the kidneys and adrenals and alleviates vertigo 

  • Increases fertility 

  • The elixir soothes burns and blisters and smooths the complexion 


This protective stone is used to transmute negative energy, negative thoughts, and is also used for manifestation. This is a grounding stone that will keep you mindful of the present, so if you are feeling disoriented, spacey, or having issues with daydreaming, use this stone to ground your energy. 

  • Obsidian is immensely powerful 

  • Creative 

  • Grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the earth    plane 

  • Stone of manifestation 

  • Assists with self-control 

  • Forces one to confront one’s true authentic self 

  • Stabilizes your dark side by highlighting hidden factors within the subconscious mind 

  • Magnifies all negative energies so that they can be fully experienced then released 

  • Can be used to work on past lives and go back to remove ‘old’ worn out dysfunctional family patterns 

  • Reverses and balance the misuse of power and addresses power inequities on all levels 

  • Helps you learn to balance personal power for the good of all 

  • Aids you to focus upon the positive 


  • Use tumbles for grids for manifesting 

  • Grid your space for protection 

  • Use flats pieces or spheres for scrying 

  • Make use of palm stones to release negative energy within yourself 

  • Wear the jewelry in public 


Amethyst is known as the ‘artists’ the ‘inventor’ the ‘composer’ and ‘painters’ stone. The color ranges from light to deep dark purple and is associated with the third eye and crown chakra. 

Amethyst is the violet variety of quartz and is made of silicon dioxide.


  • Is a natural tranquilizer 

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and repels toxic negative energy 

  • Used for personal protection 

  • Shields from psychic attacks and the ill will of others 

  • Armor against the paranormal 

  • Rebels the energy and sends it back to the universe 

  • Assists with creativity and creative projects 

  • Helps curb unhealthy habits 

  • Aids with mental anguish 

  • Supports you when you are overworked 

  • Can assist with nightmares* 


  • Stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and endocrine glands to achieve optimal physical endurance 

  • Boosts the immune system 

  • Supports the oxygenation of the blood 

  • Will enhance any treatment that is used for the digestive track, heart, stomach, and skin 

  • Relieves arthritis 

  • Calms neural impulses in the brain so that its extremely helpful to insomniacs, rub the stone counterclockwise on the third eye 

  • Can assist with OCD and calm hyperactive children: Place the stone under the mattress or bed 

  • For children’s recurring nightmares and fear of the dark place this stone inside the pillow and other safe places to stimulate pleasant dreams



  • Place the stone in an area that you need to focus, and it will amplify your intentions 

  • Should be carried in the pockets of diplomats, negotiators, and businesspeople who often engage in debates or heated emotions, or discussions are required 


Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony (contains inclusions of iron oxide) the color can range in orange, burnt orange, and mango.  

In ancient Kamit (modern-day Egypt) Carnelian was called the ‘stone of the sun’ because it resembles sunset with the bands that surround this beautiful agate and was worn by royalty. Carnelian is also known as ‘the singers stone’ because it removes fear and instills confidence to those who are performing. This stone is also associated with the sacral chakra. 

This stone became to represent the immortality of the soul by the ancient Kamitans. This stone is also a companion stone to any stone that it touches and will balance the energy of that stone.  

According to the Book of the Dead, the ancients used to place carnelian over the breastplate of their deceased, believing that it would be beneficial to their transition in the afterlife.  

This stone is also associated with the sun signs Aries and Leo.


  • Beneficial for reproductive health 

  • It is believed in many Indigenous cultures that if you use this stone in the month of August, carnelian will pull energy into the body to nourish and revitalize the soul 

  • The stone is also a stone of joy and is associated with the sacral chakra. This agate will inspire joyful activities, creativity, dancing, and sensuality 

  • During the corn moon you can set intentions about your spiritual journey and write these on a corn husk, wrap it in a carnelian stone and mix with some loose cedar, wrap it up into a bundle and when ready for ritual, you can unwrap it and call the spiritual energy towards yourself, while burning the corn husk and holding the carnelian in one hand.  

  • This stone guides souls into the afterlife successfully 

  • Tap the carnelian a few times and place between both palms in prayer formation, ask the stone to help you, then rub your sacral chakra in a counterclockwise motion to clear that second chakra, and remember to cleanse it afterwards by running under tap water, and sitting it in the sun 

  • Place a piece of carnelian stones or a pyramid of carnelian underneath your bed to release any negative energies 

  • Works with the lower three chakras; root, sacral, and solar plexus 

  • Can remove jealousy within the lower chakras 

  • Helps ground and anchor you to stay focused in the present moment, which makes it a great grounding stone 

  • Will assist you to trust yourself 

  • Assists you in overcoming abuse by instilling the necessary attributes that you need to achieve this goal 

  • Invites abundance and good luck into your life 

  • Great for helping you overcome negative thought patterns and self-limiting belief systems 

  • Assists you with success and financial freedom 

  • Helps open the heart chakra to divine guidance and love 


  • Reduces anger 

  • Removes past conditioning 

  • Increases positivity 

  • Encourages leadership 

  • Motivates courage  

  • Brings vitality 

  • Inspires creativity 

  • Increases success 

  • Assists with decision making 

  • Invigorates the blood 

  • Stimulates the metabolism 

  • Increases fertility 

  • Helps you overcome frigidity and impotence 

  • Helps with low back pain 

  • Helps with rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression 

  • Improves absorption of vitamins and minerals 

  • Enhances sexual energy 

  • Improves concentration 


  • Use in the prosperity center of your home 

  • Use in abundance and prosperity grids 

  • Under your bed to release negative energies 

  • Great with other prosperity stones 

  • Use it as you would selenite 



Garnet is the stone of wisdom and renewal, the birthstone of those that are born in January. The color ranges from a seemingly dark black stone when you examine it with light you will see the reddish hues.

Garnet is from a family of minerals, so this semiprecious stone come is an array of colors. We are focused upon the red garnet, and the stone of total healing is associated with the root chakra.

The only way to tell if this stone is fake is to take it to a lab or jeweler but you can use a penny to see if you can scratch it, real garnet will not scratch because it has a hardness scale of 6.5 to 7, and there is also a magnetic quality to the stone and you may be able to see if a magnet affects it.

Clean it with a cloth, and water is okay, and charge under sunlight. 


  • This fire element stone activates passion

  • Manifests intentions into reality

  • Associated with the divine masculine: Yang Energy

  • Grounds your energy

  • Promotes healing in times of illness and trauma

  • Releases emotional trauma during past life regressions

  • Removes internal negativity

  • Cleanses the aura and energetic system

  • Clears blockages and is an uplifting healer

  • Holding the stone in your hand will give you an optimistic view

  • Arouses love and passion; wear it on date nights

  • Inspires renewal and will give a fresh perspective

  • Supports during crisis and will help you feel calm emotions

  • Strengthens relationships

  • Strengthens the survival instincts

  • This stone focuses on the luxuries in life

  • Harnesses the energy of Mother Earth


  • Promotes healing in times of illness

  • Fosters balance in mind, body, and spirit

  • Stimulates the metabolism

  • Balances the sex drive and assists with the rise of kundalini

  • Connected to the pituitary gland and can expand awareness

  • Treats spinal and cellular disorders

  • Purifies and reenergizes the blood, heart, and lungs

  • Regenerates DNA

  • Assists with the assimilation of vitamins and minerals with elixirs


  • Use in grids to manifest

  • Grid your home in the health center

  • Holding it in your hand will give you an optimistic view of life

  • Place on the third eye

  • Wear jewelry for the ears, neck and make sure it makes skin contact


Citrine is called ‘the merchants stone’ Citrine is a semiprecious stone that is a translucent yellow that gets its color when heated above 200-500°C and turns yellow again when irradiated (Lehmann, 1970), and they also slowly pale in UV light. This indicates the presence of color centers. At least some citrine is colored by aluminum-based and irradiation-induced color centers related to those found in smoky quartz (Lehmann, 1972; Maschmeyer et al., 1980). Accordingly, transitions to smoky quartz (“smoky citrine“) exist, many citrines show smoky phantoms.

Although citrine is highly commercialized it is still an enormously powerful stone that is associated with the solar plexus. Citrine is also known for invoking prosperity. This is a beneficial stone for raising the vibration of a space and never needs cleansing.


  • Legend has it that when you carry a piece of citrine then you are ‘carrying the power of the sun’

  • Absorbs and transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy

  • Energizes every level of life

  • Protects the aura

  • Acts as a warning system

  • Activates the crown chakra and opens intuition

  • Cleanses other stones

  • Stone of abundance and teaches you how to manifest wealth, prosperity, and success

  • Helps bring new enjoyable experiences into your life

  • Stone of joy

  • Awakens the higher mind


  • Enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind

  • Can help overcome depression and fears

  • Imparts vigor and energy

  • A valuable aid for chronic fatigue

  • Stimulates the digestion, spleen, and pancreas

  • Negates infection in the kidney and bladder

  • Detoxes and increases circulation and blood flow

  • Activates the thymus and balances the thyroid

  • Relieves constipation and removes cellulite

  • Helpful for menstrual and menopausal symptoms


  • Keep citrine where you keep your money, purse, pocket, piggy banks, wallets

  • Place in the prosperity center of your home

  • Use in property crystal grids

  • Wear a necklace with the point of the wand facing down and it will bring the golden ray of spirit

  • Use in your meditation room or space

  • Rest in the business sector of your home

  • Keep out of sunlight


Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock that is a semiprecious stone that has been around since the seventh millennium BC, and is known as ‘the stone of wisdom’ its beautiful coloring resembles the midnight sky and is a protective stone used in the Indigenous tradition of Journeying. The stone has bonds of white and iron pyrite and pure Lapis and possesses enormous serenity and is the key to spiritual attainment.


  • Lulls you into a deep meditation or hypnosis session

  • Known as the treasure of the mermaids

  • A charm of good luck

  • Relieves stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma

  • Opens the throat chakra and third eye

  • Stimulates enlightenment and dreamwork

  • Enhances psychic abilities and is used for journeying

  • Increases personal power and spiritual attainment

  • Stone of protection that contacts spiritual guardians

  • Blocks psychic attack and returns the energy to source

  • Reverses curses

  • Harmonizes the mental, physical, spiritual levels

  • Brings harmony of purpose and a deep understanding of self-knowledge

  • Reveals inner truth and self-awareness

  • Removes repressed anger

  • A powerful amplifier of the higher mind and consciousness

  • Helps you confront the truth and encourages you to accept your authenticity

  • Dissolves emotional bondage, martyrdom, cruelty, and suffering


  • Alleviates pain

  • Benefits the respiratory and nervous system

  • Stimulates the thorax, larynx, thyroid, bone marrow, and thymus

  • Overcomes hearing loss, purifies the blood, and boosts the immune system

  • Alleviates insomnia, vertigo and will assist in lowering the blood pressure


  • Meditation and prayer rooms

  • Wear jewelry at the throat and third eye

  • A great third-eye chakra stone

  • Position above the diaphragm and anywhere between the sternum and the top of the head

  • Beneficial for every room but it is more of a stone to carry or wear


Aquamarine is in the same beryl family as the emerald and is ‘the stone of courage’ and it has calming energies that promote peace and quietness of the mind. This stone is also associated with the signs of Pisces and those who have a sensitive nature. Aquamarine is also the stone of Arch Angel Raquel.

You can tell this stone is real or fake if it has gray mineral inclusions. This blue-green stone is hard to scratch, there will be no bubbles within.

This beautiful stone is used by sailors as a talisman against drowning and in ancient times it was believed that it could counteract the forces of darkness and obtain favor from the spirits of light. This stone has the lunar qualities of the moon and helps you to calmly navigate the ebb and flow of life.


  • Attracts celestial beings, guides, and guardian angels

  • Protects empaths

  • Promotes long-lasting friendships and happiness

  • Reduces stress, fears, and promotes peace

  • Grants courage and letting go

  • Heals arguments and misunderstandings

  • Brings harmony to all situations

  • Will attract good friends who will treat you with respect

  • Brings orderliness, fairness, justice, and harmony

  • Opens the throat chakra

  • Brings peace and tranquility

  • The treasure of the mermaids

  • Charm of good luck to travelers

  • Aids in times of stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma

  • Helps you overcome the judgementalism of others

  • This stone aids those overwhelmed by responsibility

  • Calms the mind of obsessive negative thoughts and brings clarity

  • Great for developing self-expression and removing stifled communication

  • Hones your intuition and clairvoyance and is great for meditation and higher states of consciousness

  • Shields the aura and aligns the chakras


  • Soothes sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems

  • Can help regulate the hormones

  • Strengthens the organ and is used in tonics and elixirs

  • Aids the eyes, jaw, and teeth

  • Good for the immune system and autoimmune diseases

  • Assists with hay fever

  • Elixirs can be used in the eyes


  • Meditation rooms

  • Most excellent when used on the body

  • Best while traveling


Yellow calcite is a powerful amplifier that cleanses your energy, and calcite comes in a variety of colors. This stone can range from translucent and waxy, and often banded. Calcite is sometimes tumbled, and if often acid treated to enhance the color.

Yellow calcite is excellent for meditation and achieving higher states of consciousness, and attuning to the higher spiritual dimensions, although it will ground your energy to the physical plane.


  • Dispels depression and sadness and uplifts moods

  • Transforms anger and cleanses negativity

  • Helps with procrastination

  • Increases energy levels

  • Keeps calm energy within your space

  • Lifts self-confidence and gives the ‘I can do it spirit’

  • boosts your dopamine levels

  • dissolves fear of the future

  • bringer of happiness and laughter

  • grants motivation and drive

  • amplifies energy and clears out ‘old’ energy

  • Helps you get unstuck and strengthen the positive

  • Great for students

  • Increases mental discernment

  • Comforts and reassures the mind

  • Energizes all the chakras


  • Assists with the cleansing and elimination of organs

  • Strengthens your joints and skeletal system

  • Good for intestinal support

  • Stimulates the blood and prevents clotting

  • Repairs the tissues and is good for skin conditions

  • Make elixirs for skin, ulcers, warts, and wounds


  • Rooms of children who have trouble sleeping or being calm

  • Meditation rooms

  • Any area of the home that you wish to amplify peace and tranquility


Selenite is a soft, silky, satiny, fragile crystallized gypsum spar that is fibrous with needle-like crystals, with a grayish tone. Selenite is very delicate and can be scratched. Never place it in water, but you may charge it in the moonlight or during the solar eclipse. This stone carries the imprints of everything that has happened since the beginning of time and is an excellent stone for Past Life regressions or Quantum Healing as this dessert rose is able to perceive the progress and plans of the individual between lives as well as identify the necessary lessons that are still being worked on.

Selenite comes in a variety of colors from pure white, orange, blue, brown, and green. This spar comes in wands that are polished and unpolished in stick form, it comes in towers, wands, and palm stones, and is self-cleansing.


  • Use selenite to repair energy leaks

  • You can use the wands to seal your energy and aura

  • Opens the crown chakra and invokes celestial dimensions

  • Dissipates negative energy and emotions

  • Nurtures mental, emotional balance and wellbeing

  • You can access the angelic and higher consciousness

  • Can assist with telepathy

  • A powerful stone to raise the vibration of any space

  • Protective and promotes peace

  • Channel celestial light

  • Keeps your space positive and peaceful

  • The perfect stone for students because it stimulates the mind

  • Brings clarity and the ability to see the ‘big picture’

  • Powerfully disperses emotional tension


  • Supports flexibility and aligns the spinal column

  • Counteracts the effects of mercury poisoning amalgams and reduces free radicals

  • Excellent for nursing mothers who use this stone while breastfeeding to nurture the child


  • Grid your house or home

  • Carry it with you, in a purse, a pocket, a vehicle, or place it in a workspace


  • Dissolves in water

  • Charge in the moon light or solar eclipse

  • Can be scratched

  • Exceptionally soft so be careful


Fluorite is a soft clear semi-precious stone that comes in all colors and is referred to as ‘the genius stone.’ This stone is highly protective, especially at the psychic level, and will shut off any manipulation and undue spirit influences.

Fluorite can help the socially awkward or anxious, so wear a necklace to feel more comfortable in public. Because this stone improves dexterity and coordination it’s known as ‘the athlete’s stone.’ Fluorite reduces the stress of EMF* and blocks geopathic stress.


  • Can quicken spiritual awakening

  • Assists with focus and concentration

  • Organizes your thoughts to help you reach your goals

  • Improves you with balance and coordination

  • Relieves anxiety and calms the nerves

  • Helps you see the big picture

  • Aids you in understanding the mind body connection

  • Assists students with organizing and processing information with discernment

  • Gently opens the door to the subconscious mind to remove ‘old patterns’ by bringing them up for releasing

  • Connects you to the collective conscious mind

  • Heightens intuitive abilities


  • Fights infections and viruses within the body

  • Benefits teeth, bones, cells, and regenerates DNA

  • Elixirs rejuvenate the skin and repair the mucus membranes, especially in the digestive tract

  • Beneficial for colds, flu, sinus cavity, and viruses

  • Relieves arthritis, rheumatism, and injuries to the spine

  • Great for pain relief particularly nerve-related

  • Ameliorates irritation from shingles

  • Stimulates the libido

  • Use the indirect method for making elixirs


  • Place near computers, wired devices, and gadgets with Wi-Fi for EMF protection

  • Position in the knowledge growth area of your home

  • Pyramids aid with studying and realigning the mental and emotional bodies

  • Use in crystal grids

  • Wear earrings made of fluorite


  • Handle with care this stone is very fragile

  • Do not soak in water but running it under water is fine

  • Use sage or sand to cleanse


Black tourmaline or Schorl is a semi-precious stone that is made of boron, silicate, and thirty-eight other minerals. Black tourmaline is a pyroelectric stone. Which means that it This means that it creates electricity when it becomes heated, it’s also piezoelectric so it is capable of storing electrical charge.

This is a powerful stone that clears, cleanses, grounds, and transforms dark energies into a higher vibration. This highly protective stone not only disburses negative energy but it’s long been used in farming as an insecticide and helps regenerate the soil to help crops to grow.

Schorl comes in an array of colors from black, blue, light blue, brown, green, pink, red, yellow, green blue, and watermelon. The stone can be shiny, opaque, transparent, striated, or hexagonal shaped.


  • Powerful for protecting and grounding energy

  • Prevents you from picking up negative energies

  • Puts a protective shield around your energetic field

  • Cleanses, clears, and balances all the chakras and meridians

  • Can use it to grid your home

  • Defends against psychic attacks

  • Acts as an auric and etheric vacuum cleaner

  • Protects when astral traveling, scrying, and other spiritual work

  • The wands are powerful healing tools

  • Attracts nature spirits and excellent for gardens and nourishes the soil

  • Aids in understanding oneself and others on a deeper level

  • Banishes fear and self-doubt, attracts self-confidence, inspires compassion, tolerance, and prosperity

  • Metamorphoses negative thought patterns

  • Creates a biomagnetic sheath around every living thing

  • Improves hand-eye coordination

  • Releases tension and paranoia

  • Balances the masculine-feminine energy


  • Stimulates vitality

  • Good for overcoming dyslexia

  • Beneficial for increasing the libido and aids with erectile dysfunction

  • EMF protection


  • Grid your home

  • Place near any wired devices, especially computers, routers, cellphones, tablets

  • Great for carrying with you and wearing jewelry

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“A good way to program your crystals is to talk to them and state your intentions. Sit with the stone and ask it how it can assist you. Crystals are living beings, so you need to develop a relationship with each one”

   – Psychic Medium Savonn Champelle


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