LGBTQ+ & Family Support

You may be a member of the LGBTQ (transgender, lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, or questioning) community, and face a myriad of challenges in your life due to your sexual orientation. You may feel that you’ll always encounter the difficulties of maneuvering in a world which doesn’t accept LGBTQ members.

You may even be a family member that is having a difficult time supporting your loved one and coming to terms with their sexual orientation, gender identity, or have internal conflicts that you cannot work out in a safe, loving way due to bias. You may need someone to help you reframe your views and help you to release the grief you may feel. It is essential that you express your feelings without causing conflict or feelings of rejection towards your loved one.

You or your loved one has a desire to love differently, to identity differently than those around you, and just wants to be treated with love and acceptance and live in peace and harmony with everyone. The systems in place make it difficult for you or your family member to have the freedom to express their humanity the way they choose.

The most common challenges the LGBTQ+ may face are:

  • Rejection by family members or severing of family ties
  • Coming out
  • Searching for and navigating relationships with sexual partners
  • Finding or creating a support system
  • Discrimination in prison, housing, hospitals, and employment
  • Not knowing your identity properly
  • Alienation and loneliness
  • Gay conversion therapy
  • Violence
  • Lack of laws that give you the freedom of parenting in some states in the U.S
  • Difficulty getting access to public facilities such as schools and bathrooms
  • Harmful coping mechanisms

On top of these challenges, the harassment and bullying that you may encounter can cause suicidal thoughts, anxiety, resentment, anger issues, depression, low self-esteem, hopelessness, and insecurity. You may have no one to talk to about the internal turmoil you are suffering. You may fear confiding in or coming out to your family.

No one should suffer alone with internal conflict, shame, resentment, anger, fear, poor self-concept, identity confusion, or tying to fit into societal standards. Everyone should have support from their family system and not be encouraged to break the family system unnecessarily and become estranged.

My Promise to You

I am a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and I have come to realize that the family of the LGBTQ members is often left out in finding treatment and coping with the coming out situation. The family feels immense loss and grief when their child or sibling comes out or decides to live as the person they really are.

These families have many mental processes which require to be dealt with professionally. We will support the individuals coming out plus their families to overcome the grief, shock, humiliation, and self-righteous ideal, among other emotions. No one should have to sacrifice who they are as an individual at the expense of losing their family members but if the situation happens. I am here to help you work through desensitizing the pain.

Hypnotherapy Helps You and Your Family

Hypnotherapy will support you plus your family to become more honest with your feelings even when you don’t agree with or understand the decision of your loved one and their sexual orientation or gender identity. Past conflicts, feelings of rejection, and abandonment are laid out in the open during the sessions, the advantages of hypnotherapy benefit everyone and all get connected with a better version of themselves.

You are perfect as an LGBTQ member, and you cannot change who you are to fit societal expectations. I will help you to:

  • To become your authentic self
  • Acquire confidence, a better self-concept, self-love, self-love
  • Surpass the guilt you might harbor in your heart
  • Family members will be able to accept a relative’s identity
  • Learn how to love and accept yourself for the person you are
  • Cope with the concerns you might have about your identity


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I will help you to:

  • To become your authentic self
  • Acquire confidence, a better self-concept, self-love, self-love
  • Surpass the guilt you might harbor in your heart
  • Family members will be able to accept a relative’s identity
  • Learn how to love and accept yourself for the person you are
  • Cope with the concerns you might have about your identity


“You know gay, lesbian, bisexual,
transgender—people are people”

– Judith Light

I will help families:
  • Be supportive and affirming when your family member or loved one comes out to you or discloses their identity
  • Accept your loved ones for who they are and learn to understand how they feel and what they’re experiencing. Now, assuming you don’t agree or understand, the cause of these disagreements, just know they need your support and validation to have a healthy state of mind. Support their self-expression. This includes their choice of dressing, jewelry, hairstyles, and more. Next, have conversations about it. Such an approach helps minimize shame and prevent low self-esteem
  • Stand up for your family member who is being bullied. Take corrective steps to resolve these areas of conflict including bullying or the social pressures they face
  • Be on the lookout for signs of anxiety, depression, low self- esteem, and other issues with your loved one who may not have a strong support system

One Step Away from Inner Peace

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Don’t delay in seeking help with Hypnotherapy

  • Avoid repressing your feelings because over time it gets worse
  • Staying in unhealthy unions with partners or family it’s hurting you
  • Depression and dysregulated emotions have led to addictions and more serious consequences
  • If you can’t come to terms with who you truly are, neither can anyone else

Transforming from the Caterpillar

You came in with sadness, emotional dysregulation, perhaps addictions, abusive relationships, or toxic family ties. You suffered from feelings of rejection, shame, blame, and guilt.


You are secure within yourself, you are confident, joyful, you have a better self-concept, your inner child has been strengthened, you’ve created your ideal image, you’ve learned to regulate your emotions, you have gained freedom from the discomfort of societal views, and you find that others are drawn to you because you feel the love within and within all your relationships. Now you can continue to reach for your highest potential.