Audio Hypnosis

Guided Hypnosis Programs we recommend starting with around 3 sessions per day. We recommend developing a daily routine based around the goals that you are targeting, so choose a listening a routine that complements your desired goals.

For example: you might choose to listen to Deep Delta in the morning, Zen Focus while at work (around 10-11am), Portals & Pathways to relax when you get home to de-stress after work, and Dream State-in bed while reading a book.

Once you see positive change in a particular area, you can choose to move on and try a different recording for a different purpose.

MP3 Bundles

These bundles are a carefully crafted eclectic mix in each collection of Brainwave frequencies. The programs are designed to assist you with your healing journey.

Each collection has its own unique program, with adventures, and the journey of discovery of your higher self. Use these programs for the following:

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Stress Relief
  • Mind Expansion
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Meditation
  • And more…

Attunement MP3's

Close your eyes and breathe deeply as these soundscapes attune and balances your chakras. Establish a sense of emotional stabilty and connectedness with others through the use of this track. It is helpful to visualize each color as you listen. Targets an alpha brainwave state. Utilizing PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology. This recording is one continuous 15 minute track.

MP3 Singles

Healing with frequency is an ancient idea that is gaining popularity in both the holistic health community and western medicine. It harnesses the power of sound vibration and frequencies to treat a variety of ailments, from physical pain to emotional stress. Throughout many cultures, sounds and musical frequencies have been used when a person is sick and to help them bring balance to the body.

These healing practices have endured over thousands of years and in many different places, proving that sound frequencies are capable of real change. It’s believed by many that healing frequencies can promote homeostasis in the body, which is essential for efficient healing. This happens when stress levels are reduced through listening or feeling the vibration of these relaxing frequencies. To be sure, using sound frequencies as a means of healing is gaining traction across the world and is now gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions.