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My clients with anxiety and panic attacks want to get a better understanding of what anxiety/panic attacks are and learn how to remove or control their anxiety and/or panic attacks so that they can take charge of their life.

The feeling that they are about to die, feeling an overwhelming sense of fear and shakiness, shortness of breath and weakness of the knees and other parts of the body, and the fact that the person has no idea when this is going to strike in their daily life causes a state of distress.


Dick or Jane has a lot going on in their life, and as the daily stressors increase with the job, homelife, partners, kids, bills, and suddenly setbacks of all kinds happen all at once. Then it seems as if out of nowhere while shopping, jogging, or eating lunch. Dick or Jane feels pain in their chest, they try to ignore it but starts feeling overwhelming and stressful, feelings nervousness, feeling it all through the body, and these feelings may rush up the back of their neck and they begin to feel panic.

Dick or Jane begins to wonder why they are feeling this way, they may not comprehend what is going on and begin to feel weak in the knees, vision diming and feeling like they are going to die. They struggle with breathing, they may get a frog in their throat, have chest pain, and can barely walk.

While this feels very real, these panic attacks are in fact not real, and they are not a threat to your life or body, and it will not last forever—while it may feel severe, honesty it is not! You just simply need the tools to help you get through the storm. The symptoms are physiological. Panic is not conscious fear, it is your subconscious mind making you feel fear, making you want to run.

You go into fight, flight, or freeze response. You get stressed and it becomes overwhelming, and you feel out of control. What Dick and Jane discovered is that anxiety is a fear response that causes discomfort, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath or tightness of the throat, dizziness, or shaking. This is an anticipatory event that builds over time and lasts less than thirty minutes. They also learned that Panic attacks are a sense of overwhelming fear, almost like a balloon popping, and a fear of dying or passing out.

Then there is ‘panic disorder’ where the individual experiences repeated attacks that require medical treatment and a referral for Hypnotherapy.


My Anxiety Workshops will give you the tools that you need to conquer it and be in control! You will acquire the following:

  •  Learn where the anxiety begins and how to conquer it
  • Engage in a lot of fun activities designed to filter into your subconscious mind for reprogramming
  • Enjoy a progressive relaxation that removes the stagnant energy you have been carrying around for a long time
  • Create an ideal life plan and implement it while in a trance
  • I will guide you every step of the way to reframe your thoughts and get you out of the fight/flight/freeze response.


I will teach you how to regulate your emotions, live a rich meaningful life, and convince your brain to accept a new way of being.

Register for the Saturday Anxiety Relief Workshop now! Engage in a morning or afternoon session that is designed to help you manage your life and conquer anxiety and panic. You will leave with an overwhelming sense of peace and well-being.

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I use Heart Coherence Technology for personal sessions. You can train yourself to increase your coherence levels even more quickly with heart rhythm coherence technology. HeartMath’s portable emWave Personal Stress Reliever and the computer-based emWave PC Stress Relief System will monitor and display your changing heart rhythm (heart rate variability) patterns and coherence levels in real time. When you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, or stressed, you can use a heart tool and watch your heart rhythm pattern shift into more coherence.

You will get immediate feedback in the context you need it, to motivate self-management and emotional energy responsibility. Using heart coherence technology helps you build a cushion of flexibility, making it easier to say, “No, I’m not going to react the same old way” rather than falling into your standard patterns of emotional persuasion. This will help reset your patterns more quickly.

Learn more about Biofeedback by booking a free consultation today.

By participating in this Workshop, you will:

  • Become proficient at reframing ‘old belief systems’ that cause anxiety
  • Discover how to avoid the ‘certainty trap’
  • Understand how to make space for sensations
  • Become skilled at using tools to prevent the onset of panic attacks or anxiety regulation
  • Learn to stop catastrophizing


Do not delay! Book a group session today. Do not stay stuck in the fight, flight or freeze mechanism you learned in childhood.

Learn to express your emotions and free yourself from the apprehension of releasing them. Stop wishing the anxiety away and act today. Not taking this workshop may result in your continued issues with:

  • Feeling like you are in constant danger and about to die
  • The burden of having buried feelings that keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle of panic mode or catastrophizing
  • Having triggers that cause the onset and magnification of anxiety or panic
  • Staying in a constant state of fear keeps you from not living your best life



Dick and Jane used to suffer from repeated anxiety attacks, which magnified the growth of stress hormones, which triggered the messages that they were in a constant state of danger. They lived with this day in and day out. This overwhelmed Dick and Jane and they needed relief and comfort, they desired to regulate their life because it was so out of balance.


After the Anxiety Workshop, Dick and Jane learned to create a strategy that helped them reprogram and reframe their ‘old thinking patterns’ and acquired the  skills to regulate their emotions. Dick and Jane are now empowered to live their highest potential.

Register for the Anxiety Relief Workshop now.

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